As promised, this page is now up!

This is a call for anyone with an opinion or story to tell that wants it to be told. If you want to write or contribute pictures to the Galloper, fill out the form below. The questions concerning your eligibility are as follows:


  • Do you have a strong command of English grammar?
  • Can you accurately pin-point a reliable or unreliable source?
  • Are you shy about writing the stories that might not be popular but need to be told?
  • Can you interview just about anyone and not be deterred by a refusal to be interviewed?
  • Do you always give credit to the photographer when the picture is not your own in your articles/work?


  • Do you have a DSLR camera or something similar with which you can take good to great quality pictures?
  • Have you ever taken credit for a picture that isn’t your own?
  • Do you travel to many different racing events or are you localized to one place?
  • Do you have a social media account to which you post your pictures?
  • Do you have a recognizable watermark in order to protect your work?

If you answered positively to 90% of these then start filling out the form below!